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Cloud-Based ERP System Puts Shoe Distributor In Step With The Times

RT Nash had a problem recently that was costing it money. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) system the company was using was more than it needed and very expensive.

So the exclusive U.S. distributor of Bobux shoes and Silly Billyz, owned by partners Robin and Troy Nash, set out to look for a replacement. To help search for a new ERP system, the distributor turned to B2BGateway, which signed on with the company in 2004 to automate all standard business documents electronically to its partners.

B2BGateway has helped the company to meet its electronic data interchange (EDI) needs for such major retailers as Target, Kohl’s and Nordstrom. Its cloud-based EDI integration has enabled RT Nash to send and receive sales orders, invoices and more without ever having to key in any of the data by hand.

When the Nashes started their company in 1999, there weren’t too many ERP systems that had the efficiency many offer today. Their search for a new ERP system ended when the company chose Brightpearl, whose cloud-based software and services enable multichannel retailers to combine orders, inventory, customer data, accounting and reporting into a single retail management system. In the three years since its launch, Brightpearl has gained more than 1,300 customers and $1.7 billion worth of merchandise transactions.

B2BGateway helped in ensuring the transition of Brightpearl’s ERP system into RT Nash’s operations went smoothly, as the two vendors’ services work in conjunction with one another. B2BGateway also works with other ERP systems, including that of Acumatica’s cloud-based service whose certified resellers include 9DotStrategies and whose users include KFC and Payza.

“Using B2BGateway, merchants can connect their stores, vendors, fulfillment houses and more to our platform without the need for custom development,” Scott Hill, Brightpearl production manager, said in the announcement of the transition. “This provides our customers with a cost-effective, automated solution when dealing with large retailers and supply-chain management.”

Brightpearl’s Commerce Acceleration Platform also provides up-to-date reports on inventory, cash flow, profitability by stock keeping unit and channel, and customer purchase behavior. Armed with these insights and the confidence in having their core operations under control, RT Nash has been able to focus on merchandizing and growing their business.

“As two self-employed parents, it’s very important for us to not throw money at things that aren’t necessities,” Robin Nash noted in a statement. “When we left our previous ERP system, we were investing so much and using just a portion of the functionality. Now, with Brightpearl, we are paying a small fraction of our previous costs and using 90% of its functionality. Making the switch has been fantastic for our business.”

Big isn’t always better, as the Nashes found out with their ERP system. While such systems may offer enhanced benefits, sometimes they’re just not worth the extra cost –especially when those perks aren’t needed.



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