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Disney Doubles Down On NFC and iBeacon To Welcome iPhone 6

As excitement gathers for the Second Coming-esque of the iPhone 6 later this week, long time collaborator Disney is preparing the way for the coming of the phone with upgrades to its stores’ iBeacon and NFC readers.

According to sources quoted by 9to5Mac, changes in Apple stores feature upgraded Gimbal Proximity Beacons to help make instore tracking more accurate. The upgraded beacon tech also taps into Apple’s authentication system—if customers and their phones can be tracked accurately, then mobile payments can more reliably be taken from an iPhone. It also allows for two-factor authentication with Apple’s wearable technology.

Earlier this year, Apple released a EasyPay device into the wild in its retail stores that is NFC compatible. This tech, paired with the NFC enabled payment processing and upgrades to iBeacon systems in-store at their own locations as well as with Disney, indicates the rapidly approaching mobile pay by Apple.

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