Forget Quarters and Checks – Pay Parking and Rent With Apple Pay

Not only can Apple Pay users utilize the service in-store, they can now begin to start paying for parking as well as rent.

SpotHero, a Chicago based startup recently updated its mobile app to support Apple Pay.

SpotHero is a mobile app that makes finding parking easy and allows users to compare rates and book a spot for up to 50% off the drive-up rate. The company builds its inventory by buying unsold spots from parking facilities at a discount, then resells them to users of the app.

The service is available in major cities like New York, Chicago, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, Newark, Denver, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and New Orleans.

RadPad is also now making it possible to pay rent via Apple Pay, regardless of how outdated and old school the landlord may be. Users who wish to pay their rent via Apple Pay can do so by utilizing a debit or credit card.

RadPad currently claims that 90 million renters cross the U.S. have utilized the app to pay their rent by check or cash, for a total of $350 billion in rent annually. RadPad also reported that in the first 4 weeks of operation, RadPad’s “Pay with RadPad” feature processed over $256,000 in rent via mobile payments. To utilize the Apple Pay service, users simply tap on “Pay My Rent” and can begin to enter their landlord’s information.