France Tests a Biometric Payment System

French Groupement des Cartes Bancaires (CB) is testing a Natural Security Alliance approved biometric payment system, which would be available by EOY. In a first phase a fingerprint-reading chip will be integrated into a key fob and it is intended to sequentially incorporate it into micro-SD smartphone cards. Users will still need to enter their codes, enhancing security. Identification of the fingerprint will remain in the chip and not be collected in a database.

Gilbert Arira, General Director, CB said: “Although the financial community thinks biometrics adds functional and operational value, the technology must respect all CB demands, particularly on what concerns robustness, security and interoperability, essential basis for the trust placed on CB products."

Cédric Hozanne, CEO, Natural Security Alliance affirmed: “This solution will allow French banks to offer their customers a new payment method that will reinforce their security and bring simplicity, calm and convenience."

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