Ingenico Cuts EMV, P2PE Deal

Three payment firms announced on Tuesday (Aug. 19) that they were launching a PCI-friendly point-to-point encryption (P2PE) payment option.

According to a joint release, Ingenico Group, FreedomPay and ScanSource, Inc. banded together to sell the package covering electronic payments made by magnetic stripe, EMV and NFC. It will also offer support for PIN Debit and hand-keyed transactions.

“In the fight against fraud, there are no greater technologies than EMV and encryption,” said Ingenico North America’s Senior Vice President of Software and Development Gregory Boardman. “This powerful combination has been proven to reduce card data compromise at the point-of-sale. When retailers can focus on their core business without wondering if their customers’ data is secure, the result is real value for the merchant.”

ScanSource will give FreedomPay product support, integration, staging and deployment services around the software. The partnership will also support Ingenico’s On-Guard and the FreedomPay Commerce Platform.