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InMarket: Customers Love Bluetooth Beacons

A recent survey showed that customers who receive marketing messages through InMarket’s Mobile to Mortar (M2M) iBeacon platform were 6.4 times more likely to keep an app on their phone, versus those who did not.

Over 25,000 U.S. consumers were interviewed, according to NFC World. In addition to being more likely to keep an app on their phone, customers who used the iBeacon platform interacted more with advertised products and increased their in-store app usage.

As explained by NFC World, the beacon-enabled apps allows shoppers to make shopping lists, earn rewards and receive offers from merchants and brands. When consumers visit a participating store, notifications will appear on the lock screen of their device.

InMarket CEO Todd Dipaola told the news source that this is proof that consumers appreciate the value that is offered through the beacons.

“The network is retailer-agnostic, so we can work with brands in almost any grocery store in the country,” DiPaola said. “We are aiming to be in thousands of stores by the end of the year.”

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