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Is Nimbl The Uber For Cash?

Need cash? Finding an ATM too much of a burden? Good news: There is now an “Uber for cash” that, with a few button clicks, will send a runner to the door, cash in hand.

The service is called Nimbl and it’s premise is simple. Users order a Nimbl runner who brings them the cash.  Upon arrival, the orderer shows the runner the confirmation on their phone and pays the runner by phone (the amount+ a $5 fee).

Couriers do not drive around urban areas with large sums of cash. They withdraw the exact amount from the company bank account and when the courier is paid, the funds (deposited with PayPal or Venmo) return to the company account.

And yes, those couriers are background checked.

Moving forward, the company hopes to collaborate with businesses (cash only bars for example) that might prefer to keep customers in-house using Nimbl than wandering the streets looking for an ATM, reports TechCrunch. 

Nimbl is currently available in San Francisco and New York as an iPhone app.  An android app is forthcoming.



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