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McDonald’s Will Take Apple Pay at the Drive Thru

A major concern for consumers when using Apple Pay is potentially handing over their $650+ iPhone to the attendant to complete a transaction. The Apple Pay procedure with McDonald’s eliminates that concern entirely but creates another.

A screenshot of the McDonald’s training materials was obtained by 9to5Mac and can be seen below.

McDonald's Will Take Apple Pay at the Drive Thru

While the convenience of paying with your iPhone is definitely there, the process does seem a little odd and funky.

Both the customer and the McDonald’s employee has to hang their devices out the window which could spark a concern of how ideal is this procedure? Especially, during bad weather? For example, both the guest and merchant may not feel comfortable dangling their expensive devices during rainy days. This procedure might not be the most optimal but will hopefully be refined as more merchants adopt the Apple Pay service.

The Apple Pay service is set to launch sometime this month, potentially October 18th, a rumored date produced from a Walgreens memo.

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