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Nuclear Power Provider Makes Switch To E-Procurement

Energoatom, the Ukraine’s state-owned nuclear power plant operator, has signed a memorandum on the creation of a “transparent and efficient public procurement system.”

Transparency Procurement is leading the change.  The group had previously worked to introduce an e-procurement system in Georgia.

The document was signed last week by Energoatom president Yuri Nedashkovsky and the group’s representatives, Alexander Starodubtsev, Tato Urdzhumelashvili, David Margania and David Kiziria. Urdzhumelashvili has been chair of the Agency for Competition and Public Procurement in Georgia since 2009.

The reform is mainly aimed at the “eradication and prevention of systemic corruption, and also at increasing competition by making it easier for businesses to gain access to government procurement,” Energoatom said in a statement.

The legal and institutional framework necessary to support its public procurement process is currently under construction within the Ukrainian government.

“However, as practice shows, formal correspondence with Ukrainian legislation does not [of itself] ensure transparent, effective and fair procurement procedures, and does not contribute to solving the main problem in public procurement – how to eradicate systemic corruption,” it said.


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