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Partnership Will Boost International Wire Transfer Options

Global payment and risk management firm Cambridge Mercantile Group announced on Tuesday (Aug. 19) that it had partnered with Aptys Solutions to let Aptys clients access Cambridge’s online platform for international wire transfers.

According to a Cambridge press release, when Aptys technology is integrated with the Cambridge’s platform, the PayLOGICS software offers customers streamlined options. For example, workflow automation and better control over wire transfers will be available, as well as access to all post-transaction records and remittances.

“We pride ourselves on creating a pathway to future payments for FIs and, working with Cambridge, we feel confident that we can continue delivering that. Integrating PayLOGICS with Cambridge expands our domestic payment abilities and gives us a new avenue for international payments,” Aptys Solutions Executive Vice President Scott Harris said.

Mike Rockouski, senior vice president of Financial Institutions for Cambridge Mercantile Group agreed, and said that he was excited about the opportunity presented through both companies working together.

“Providing the right technology is important, but understanding how to apply that solution to each institution’s unique business model so they can better serve their customers, is crucial and it’s where we have differentiated ourselves,” Rockouski said.

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