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Report: Rwanda Guilty Of ‘Inappropriate Procurement’ Methods

The Rwandan auditor general released a report that claims the nation’s government spent FRw6.4 billion (£5.6 million) through “inappropriate procurement” methods. The data that was investigated included state finances for the year ended June 30, 2013.

According to the report, cases of non-compliance with procurement laws and regulations have significantly reduced in public entities audited. However, 10 entities used inappropriate procurement methods to award tenders worth FRw6.4 billion during the year.

“There is a need for chief budget managers to apply the appropriate procurement methods in award of tenders,” the report said. “In addition, chief budget managers should ensure that all necessary documents are kept to support each tender awarded.”

Additionally, the auditor general explained in its findings that “poor contract management” led to 46 occasions where construction projects worth a total of FRw23.8 billion (£20.5 million) were delayed. Furthermore, the report said that public sector bodies were responsible for “wasteful expenditure” that totaled FRw1.05 billion (£911,000) for items including court fines, claims for damages and penalties paid to suppliers.

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