Sales Head for Apple Leaves, Reason Unknown

Apple confirmed that Rowe is leaving Apple, and would be replaced by Doug Beck.

Zane Rowe, The head of Apple’s North America sales, will be replaced by the current head of sales in Japan and Korea, according to Cnet.

In an interview with Reuters, Apple confirmed that Rowe would be leaving Apple and would be replaced by Doug Beck. The Apple spokesperson says that Beck “has done a great job helping to grow Apple’s business in Japan and Korea.”  His new job will also include North American sales.

Rowe’s departure happened after Katie Cotton, Apple’s head of worldwide communications left the company after 18 years to spend more time with her children, according to Reuters.

Rowe did not respond to Reuters in an email seeking a comment, and there are no details about Rowe’s exit or when Beck would take over.

Apple has not confirmed why Rowe is leaving the company, however, his departure was announced just after Apple’s new head of retail, Angela Ahrendts joined.

Rowe joined Apple in 2012 from United Continental, where he was the chief financial officer.

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