Salesforce Rolls Out Saleforce1 To Change How Retail Is Done

History is filled with good ideas great and small that started out humbly scrawled on the back of napkins. Aaron Sorkin reportedly wrote the entire first draft of A Few Good Men on cocktail napkins, and there would be no mPos Tracker at PYMNTS were it not for a blue print first created at lunch, also on a napkin.

Salesforce1 for Retail is shaping up to be another great idea born on yet another cocktail napkin. That napkin held the brainstorm session between then Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts and Salesforce head Marc Benioff about the future of connectedness between retailers and consumers.

That idea, embellished, generalized and adopting for retailers everywhere, has now grown into Salesforce1 for Retail, a new product aimed at changing the way shoppers interact with the places they shop at. This new program can further be broken down into to sub-opportunities– Mobile Clienteling and Salesforce Communities for Retail.

Mobile Clienteling is an attempt to give sales people the few view of their customers that social media and digital age can give them access to—with information like browser history, purchase history, social media habits and birthday and anniversary information the program is intended to help businesses really know their customers.

Salesforce Communities for Retail is a more complicated proposition focuses on building an ecosystem surrounding customers. Suppliers, partners and employees all have spheres of relationship with each customer and sales force wants to foster communication between those spheres.

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