Merchant Innovation

Sam’s Club’s EMV Transition

Later today, bulk retailer Sam’s club is expected to announce its official switchover to EMV technology, reports The New York Times, making it the first major American retailer to make the jump.

“This is all part of our road map to get to more secure transactions,” said Mike Cook, assistant treasurer at Walmart.

The EMV tech will be available on the Sam’s Club MasterCard, and will make them much more difficult to duplicate than their mag stripe along bearing counterparts. The products, which are issued by parent company Walmart’s partner in cards GE Capital Retail Bank, will be available to the public on June 23, 2014.

Target, home of the massive data breach that tens of millions of user’s information exposed, has already announced a drastically speeded up transition to EMV early this year in April. That transition is still underway and slated to be completed by early 2015. Up until today, that had made Target the likely first home of EVM technology in the U.S., however with Sam’s announcement, they have been officially beaten to the punch.

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