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Samsung's Next Generation Fingerprinting Innovation

Fingerprint-based identification has had a bumpy road to adoption. It is popular with the right people: Apple incorporated a touch-based fingerprint scanner into the iPhone 5s and Samsung recently release the Galaxy S5 with a much touted fingerprint scanner.

However fingerprint scanning has some problems. One, up until recently there weren't that many practical uses for it outside of as an alternative for PIN for unlocking a phone. Second, it isn't exactly foolproof, the afore mentioned Samsung fingerprint scanner was reportedly hacked by Germans with wood glue within a week of release.

Undaunted by the set-back, Samsung has recently filed patents that imply it is investigating a much more complex use of fingerprinting technology. The principle innovation is a scan that requires multiple finger inputs, such as a left and right hand scan. These features are still meant to be included in a system that uses PIN and password protections.

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