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Sears Shifting More Store Cardholders To MasterCards

The Sears credit card, often one of the first credit-based products consumers receive, increasingly is being replaced by co-branded MasterCards.

Sears reportedly for some customers is replacing its proprietary card with the MasterCard-branded product, which Citi Cards issues for the retailer, and is closing the Sears card account for those customers.

According to WCPO Cincinnati, Sears still is offering its own card. However, citing, Sears is pushing the MasterCard-branded product on customers with good credit.

One Sears customer cited in the article wasn’t happy with the move: “I already have a MasterCard I am happy with,” she said. “I don’t keep a lot of credit cards, I don’t need a lot of credit cards.”

What did she think the Sears card was?

Earlier this year, Sears announced that its mobile-deal campaign was a big hit with its customers.

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