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Security Enhanced for Google Wallet

Google wants to make a smartphone less attractive to theives.

Google is trying to make their Google Wallet less attractive to phone thieves by enhancing security measures.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that the software requires the user to verify personal information for every transaction.

“A thief would need to know your personal identification number, provided that you've set the phone to require re-entering the PIN a certain number of minutes after it was last used,” the representative said.

The original Google Wallet service was designed to make purchases in retail stores much easier. A phone equipped with NFC would be tapped on a retailer's NFC reader. The reader would then use the NFC's short-range radio waves to scan the financial information stored in the phone's Google Wallet software and complete the transaction.

In order to make an online purchase, the user would then have to enter the name, address, birthday and the last four digits of a Social Security number in order to use the device.


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