Smartphones And The Changing Face Of Tipping

When it comes to eating out, the payment part of the meal is the part that most people would like to make as invisible as possible. Calculating a tip, splitting checks and contemplating the vagaries of local taxes can spoil a meal faster than a fly in the food, but perhaps technology can solve the problem.

"At the end, you always have to do the same dance...It’s not about time, it’s not about convenience — you leave on a high note, as if you have an account,”said Clover CEO Mark Edgmon to

Clover is a dining app currently available in Manhattan that aspires to be the Lyft or Uber of dining out. It allows customers to handle all aspects of paying for a meal on their mobile phone, without ever physically handling the check.

Because these services are convenient, consumers report using them at an increased rate even if the cost is slightly higher.


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