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Spain Moves Forward With E-Invoicing Goals

Earlier this year, the Spanish Official Gazette reported the release of Order HAP-1074-2014, which allows for national, regional and local public administrations in Spain to have their own general point of entry for electronic billing.

Called Facturae, the official formatting of e-invoicing in Spain, is designed to give two options when it comes to submitting e-invoices. The first choice is by doing it individually with a web portal. The second option is through using a web services communication program, according to E-Invoicing Platform.

“In any case, communication between the supplier’s system and the service must be signed using a certificate from an authorized provider,” the news source reported. “In this sense, EDICOM is authorized to act both as technological provider of electronic invoicing services and as certification authority, so there is no need for clients to turn to third parties. EDICOM is your one stop shop.”

Last month, PYMNTS.com discussed the push toward online B2G e-invoicing. The Spanish government states that the policy is designed to enhance security and streamline the invoicing process, as well as save money. Specifically, around €3.48 per invoice issued can be saved, and processing times can be cut by nearly 80 percent.

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