Merchant Innovation

Square's New Partnership

In their push to be small businesses' go-to POS solution, Square has announced yet another integration, this time with Stitch Labs. Stitch Labs makes inventory management software for small merchants.

The integration of the two platforms will allow consumers with both Square and Stitch to automatically sync inventory across different channels. The service is particularly valuable for merchants who currently manually enter sales made through Square into their inventory management software. This created anxiety for many merchants, who were never exactly sure if they were safe selling certain popular goods with out real-time certainty about the status of their inventory.

This latest move is yet another push in Square's newest strategy, the creation of a fairly open platform that allow for third-party developers to build on top of and synchronize with. While this strategy means that Square may occasionally be competing against its partners, the company views the new move as "great opportunity to make our customers' businesses run more smoothly," according to CNN.

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