Survey Says Consumers are Willing Share Info, For Rewards

According to a recent survey, One out of two shoppers are happy to share personal information with retailers for a reward.

Recent data from fashion shopping app Snapette, shows that consumers are willing to share personal information when a reward is given, according to the report.

“As private information becomes more accessible through technological advances, retailers should capitalize on shoppers’ growing desire to share personal information,” Jinhee Ahn Kim, co-founder of Snapette said in a press release. “Discounts are one great way to incentivize shoppers to actively and enthusiastically share information with retailers.”

In another recent survey from OpinionLab, 81 percent of its respondents don’t trust retailers to keep private information. However, since half of consumers still need to become accustomed to information sharing, retailers should emphasize the purposes, utilities, and benefits of information sharing, like personalized rewards.


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