Symantec: Anti-Virus Is Dead

In a move that sounds surprisingly similar to an admission of defeat at the hands of novel hackers, anti-virus software maker Symantec has declared its intention to get out of the breach prevention end of the the anti-virus game, and instead moving its focus to breach detection and mediation.

Within six months, the company will sell threat-specific intelligence briefings for clients so they can learn the when's, how's and why's of the attacks they suffer from cyber criminals. Symantec also is developing technology to scan for next-generation malicious software inside a network that mimics security software.

The company needs to pursue to a new direction soon, revenues have dropped for the last two quarters and are down 5 percent on they year. The company also recently ousted their CEO, the second to hold that position in as many years.

"It's one thing to sit there and get frustrated,"says Brian Dye, Symantec's senior vice president for information security, reports The Wall Street Journal. "It's another thing to act on it, go get your act together and go play the game you should have been playing in the first place."

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