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Target Employees Testing CurrentC

Target, one of the founders of MCX’s CurrentC mobile payment effort, has been using its employees to test the program, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported Nov. 4.

Target spokesman Eddie Baeb was quoted at that time saying that some Target headquarters employees had been testing CurrentC “in a couple of dozen Target stores around the Twin Cities” and that ““Right now, it’s in a very early test phase.”

MCX has publicly said that it is conducting limited tests of the service, but has been vague about where the tests are happening. Indeed, MCX COO Scott Rankin has mentioned that some elements of those trials—such as insisting that shoppers provide a Social Security number and allow the system to take a photograph of their driver’s license—may not be retained if the service eventually launches.

The fact that the Target test is being done by employees would certainly make privacy-fueled resistance to those requests lessened, as employees tend to follow instructions and would likely trust fellow employees more than strangers.