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Taulia Launches ‘Rescue Service’ For Dissatisfied eInvoicing Users

eInvoicing offers many benefits over the acceptance and handling of traditional checks and invoicing, but at times the expectations may exceed the generated benefits. One company, Taulia, says it has launched a ‘Rescue Service’ designed to help firms evaluate their eInvoicing effectiveness, but it also has a self-serving purpose as well.

Through its new eInvoicing Rescue Service, supplier-financing specialist Taulia Inc. is looking to help companies receive more value from their eInvoicing platforms. But it’s not a true gift; there’s an inherent sales pitch included as well.

Launched June 18, the service offers free consultation for businesses whose eInvoicing and ePayment platforms are delivering unsatisfactory returns. Taulia then guarantees that a service it can provide as an alternative will meet, or exceed, the company’s original eInvoicing goals.

Taulia says it will deliver its eInvoicing Rescue Service in two parts, first by offering a business free process consultation and then by helping to transition companies to its own eInvoicing solution. The consultation includes a proof of concept to demonstrate how eInvoicing solutions work properly. When a business is convinced switching over to Taulia can provide benefits, Taulia says it can get the transition implemented within three months.

To entice businesses, Taulia says it will guarantee to migrate all of their existing networked suppliers, and double that number with new suppliers. It also will include them in the company’s million-dollar savings guarantee program.

“So many companies adopt an electronic invoicing solution because they want to manage cash flow and reduce the cost of supply chain transactions, yet they find their platform does neither,” Markus Ament, Taulia chief product officer, said in a statement. “Additionally, some eInvoicing platforms make it more expensive for suppliers by charging fees on a per invoice basis, which reduces the likelihood that struggling businesses will enroll in the first place.”

Indeed, some companies view eInvoicing as the end goal, but they should see it as the first step in investing in a supply chain, Ament added. “Companies that provide supplier financing, which enables suppliers to choose to be paid early in exchange for a discount, strengthen relationships with their suppliers while adding millions of dollars to their bottom line,” he said.

Taulia provides suppliers various eInvoicing and self-service options. Suppliers can sign into Taulia’s portal from anywhere, and they can view and access all current and historic invoice and payment details, communicate electronically with their customers, and request early payments at any time.

Last July, Esker, a document process automation solutions provider, partnered with Taulia Inc. A month later, Taulia received $18 million in Series C funding led by German investor Klaus Hommels. Taulia has used the funds to expend in the European market.


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