The End Of Apple’s Bitcoin Ban A Boon For Coin Pocket

Now that Apple has made a home for bitcoin apps in the app store, a new app – Coin Pocket – is climbing the charts. Since Apple lifted their ban on such apps earlier this month, the app has climbed to the 74th position in the top 100 rankings.

The app concept is simple, Coin Purse lets users send bitcoins to iPhones and iPads, and what is generally considered to be a cheaper rate than other services.

The terms and conditions of the use of the app are spelled indicate some of Apple’s old suspicions about bitcoin and their uses.

“Check your state and federal laws on the transmission of Bitcoin or virtual currencies before using the send feature of this app. You are liable for the use of Bitcoin in your jurisdiction,” the app’s description reads, reports Venture Beat.

According to the source, the app so far has been favorably reviewed on both Reddit and in the App Store itself.

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