Users Prefer PayPal, Google, Amazon For Digital Identity

Employers worldwide are warming up to the idea of allowing workers to bring their own identity (BYOID), even when it comes to logging in for work-related functions. New research jointly supported by CA Technologies and the Ponemon Institute indicates that IT departments are increasingly comfortable with outside logins, especially when those log-ins come from the internet’s known commodities.

Amazon, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft and Facebook were all leading I.D. providers, according to theIdentity Imperative for the Open Enterprise 2014 report. PayPal represented a gold standard of sorts in BYOID for the majority of global business surveyed for the report, as it led as the preferred social identity provider, followed by Google. Yahoo bottomed out the list consistently among IT professionals.

“In today’s application-driven economy, access to applications has to be simple and secure. BYOID is an increasingly popular option for simplifying access. It can reduce the need to create new accounts for every site, which leads to registration fatigue and abandoned shopping carts,” said Vic Mankotia, CA Technologies APJ vice president of solution strategy, according toZDNet.

In hard numbers, 63 percent of business worldwide have expressed a high interest in shifting to permitting–or sometimes actively encouraging—BYOID.

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