Amazon Payments Business Exec Jumps Ship To Square

The head of Amazon Local Register, which hoped to rival Square's payments business, has left the company for the competition, sources close to the companies said Wednesday (May 6).

Mary Kay Bowman is now Square’s head of payments partnerships and operations, a Square spokeswoman confirmed to Re/code.

Bowman had previously spent 11 years at Amazon. A source told Re/code Bowman was one of the eCommerce giant's most experienced payments executives.

“Mary Kay brings to Square more than 20 years of experience in global payments strategy, across commerce initiatives both online and offline,” a Square spokeswoman told Re/code. “We’re thrilled she’s joined us.”

Bowman’s jump from Amazon represents the latest in an executive exodus from the Amazon Local Commerce unit. In February, Bowman’s former boss, Matt Swann, who also oversaw Amazon Local Register, left Amazon for a role at Citigroup.

Re/code adds that the unit’s engineering director took over the CTO role at online payments company YapStone, and former Amazon product exec Eric Harber also left the company.

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