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Apple Pay Ends 2014 With Technical Glitch

Apple Pay has apparently rung in the new year with some frustrated customers. According to comments made on an Apple Support Communities thread, some iPhone 6 users found they could not add a card to their Apple Pay account after they restored their phone.

According to reports, the glitch occurred whether the iPhone 6 was restored as a new phone or from a backup. Several commenters who experienced the issue said the problem was only resolved when they received a new phone.

According to one Apple Pay user who could not add a new card after restoring their iPhone 6:

“I ended up going to the Apple Store and going to the genius bar. They proceeded to do all the thing [sic] I already tried. After they did a restore and set up as a new phone and saw they [sic] it didn’t work they went in the back and brought out a new phone. I fired up the phone and went thru steps to add my cards to Apple pay [sic] and everything worked. So getting a new phone fixed the issue.”

According to the forum, several users experiencing the issue were either offered a refurbished or a brand new iPhone 6 to resolve the matter. Reports say the glitch may be due to Apple Pay’s failure to completely clear its secure enclave, even after banks have notified Apple Pay that cards have been removed after the iPhone restoration.

More recent posts on the forum, dated Jan. 1, 2015, suggest that Apple has resolved the issue. The earliest mention of the glitch occurred on Dec. 13, 2014.

The technical hiccup occurred as Apple Pay is reportedly in discussions with financial institutions in the U.K. ahead of a launch across the Atlantic.



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