CIA Email Hackers Breach FBI-Run Site

A group of teenagers have managed to infiltrate sensitive government data, grabbing information from marquee agencies and exposing vulnerabilities — yet again.

As Nextgov reported Friday (Nov. 6), the group, known as Crackas with Attitude, said that it broke into the Internet Crime Complaint Center, the portal run and used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to gather reports on cyberfraud; JABS, a repository of information about criminal suspects who have been booked by law enforcement; and the FBI’s Virtual Command Center, an online hub for crisis management.

This is the same group that allegedly hacked into the home AOL account for CIA Director John Brennan.

The group also posted to the Web a list of details for as many as 3,500 names, emails and phone numbers for military personnel and U.S. authorities.

[bctt tweet=”This is the same group that allegedly hacked into the home AOL account for CIA Director John Brennan.”]

In an interview with Nextgov, an FBI spokeswoman said that her bureau had no comment on what she termed “specific claims of hactivism” but also said that “those who engage in such activities are breaking the law. The FBI takes these matters very seriously. We will work with our public and private sector partners to identify and hold accountable those who engage in illegal activities in cyberspace.”

One of the alleged hactivists, known as “Cracka,” was quoted by the site as stating that his group did not take or copy all of the information that it could have. “We let the [government] off by a lot. This could be so damaging it could affect the whole of USA by ALOT [sic],” he wrote. He also said in another communication that the group had scored “34,000 lines of emails, names, position and phone numbers of gov associates, including military.”

The same group said earlier in the month that it had been able to infiltrate the Comcast email account used by FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano’s family.

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