Despite Reports, Desktop Internet Is Alive And Well

Though the imminent death of desktop computing at the hands of a newly ascendent mobile has become a popular story over the last few years, as it turns out, those reports may be a little exaggerated. Desktop isn’t dying – in fact, when it comes to Web browsing, desktop might be growing.

Recent data released by comScore indicates that desktop device time has remained basically stable since 2013 – during which time on mobile has grown. But that time on mobile does not seem to be coming at the expense of the desktop – instead it seems people are just adding mobile time to what they were already spending on a desktop.


“The key thing to remember is that percentages are not zero-sum,” Tony Haile, CEO of online analytics firm Chartbeat, told The Wall Street Journal. “You can have mobile growing to 50 percent of your traffic and desktop traffic remaining healthy.”

Simply stated: the amount of time online isn’t a static number and has instead been increasing as people have more options for accessing screens. As it turns out, the entire pie is growing – and so the mobile slice can get bigger without impinging on desktops.

Desktop computing seems to own the day, while mobile has unlocked “new” online time in the morning and in the evening.


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