Inside Digital River’s Data Driven Approach To International Expansion

When merchants look for better ways to increase their revenue, their payments program is often what’s last on their list (if it even makes the list at all). Global eCommerce and payments services provider Digital River aims to change that by taking a different perspective and approach to payments as a revenue driver vs. a cost center.

Today (March 25) at 11:45 AM PT, Digital River will present “By the Numbers: Data Driven Approach to International Expansion” at the Merchant Risk Council conference in Las Vegas. Managing over $35 billion in online transactions per year, the company “has access to a wealth of global commerce, payments and marketing data.” That data, the company says, can be used to help merchants make better, more strategic decisions about how to grow their online businesses.

Digital River plans to share key information during the session that merchants can leverage as a benchmark to determine the value of their own payments program, and use to ultimately optimize their revenue growth. That key information will surround geographic expansion, the payments mix, authorization rates and more.

For more information on Digital River’s participation in MRC, view the agenda here.


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