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IoT Startup Rolls Out Secure Connected Product Platform

The Internet of Things continues to take shape, but there are still gaps that keep devices from communicating in ways that can truly revolutionize retail.

That is, unless Zentri can parlay its newest IoT solution into industry-wide success.

Zentri, a startup focused on developing secure networks for IoT devices, announced Thursday (Oct. 22) that it had released its Silicon-to-Cloud Secure Connected Product Platform to help tech developers and retailers safely and securely grow the IoT without opening themselves up to security vulnerabilities in the process. With a dedicated operating system for IoT devices, a cloud service platform and a software development kit app, Zentri CEO Paul Fulton explained in a statement how he hopes the tools will help the IoT emphasize inter-communicability as more devices and merchants hop on board.

“This brand launch is in response to the experience we have gained working with customers to integrate the key elements of connected product platforms,” Fulton said. “Time and again, we heard that a complete and secure flexible stack that spans the software on the device, mobile apps and flexible cloud services to manage connected devices is essential to our customers’ success.”

Zentri claims 650 merchants as partners already using their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth branded modules, which speaks to the near-universal appeal of IoT’s future. However, incorporating IoT-enabled devices into retail will require significant work. A study from Intel found that just 8.3 percent of all IoT devices are used in retail at the moment. The remainder is split between health care (30.3 percent), business and manufacturing (40.2 percent), and security (7.7 percent), giving IoT in retail plenty of room to grow.

For IoT devices to take that next step, though, comprehensive solutions like Zentri’s new software suite and contributions from other entities might add more stones to the IoT pile.

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