Merchant Innovation

Keeping Up With The Omnishoppers

As the shopping behaviors and preferences of consumers continue to change, developers are in a unique position to empower merchants to meet the demand. In the October installment of the PYMNTS Developer TrackerTM, powered by Vantiv, we explore how new technologies and innovation are being leveraged to help payments players enable everything from mobile commerce to biometrics.

The Developer TrackerTM, powered by Vantiv, is designed to provide merchants with a view into the breadth and depth of eCommerce – and commerce-related – software developers and the work being done to help merchants keep pace with the multitude of providers and technologies available in the payments landscape.

The developer community members identified in the tracker are separated into three categories: Shopping and Payments, Operations, and Marketing. As of this month’s edition, we have profiled 40 developers, but each month we plan to add more — so stay tuned.

Innovation At The Tip Jar

In this month’s cover story, we sat down with DipJar, a company that began with the desire to ensure a consumer’s ability to put money in a tip jar is no longer limited by their preferred payment method. Through its full-service dip- and-pay device, DipJar enables one-step electronic payments that can be made at the countertop of a coffee shop or for the donation box of a charity.

The plug-and-play, standalone solution requires no integration with a merchant’s existing point-of-sale system, enabling DipJar customers to get more money for their hard-working employees (or collect more money for a cause) without disrupting their payments system.

October Highlights

There’s no question about the popularity of mobile commerce, but many merchants are left overwhelmed when it comes to actually taking the omnichannel plunge. This month we saw a number of developers working on the backend to ensure merchants are prepared to enable the mobile platform on the frontend by selling their products on mobile apps, connecting mobile shopping and social networking, and even allowing customers to pay bills on the go.

Developers are also empowering the use of biometrics technology in the payments landscape. From facial recognition to fingerprint scanning, payments players are looking to the security of biometrics as an innovative way to verify and authenticate transactions.

Introducing new technology innovations in the payments space can come with a unique set of difficulties, but we saw many companies rising to the challenges together. Partnerships and acquisitions were a mainstay in developer news this month, underpinning the fact that two (or more) heads may be better than one when it comes to developing and integrating eCommerce solutions

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