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MarketLive Launches In-Store Tablet POS System

Modern shoppers might spend as much time looking at their phones while in physical stores as they do actually browsing the products. However, MarketLive’s new product might have store associates doing just the same.

On Tuesday (Sept. 29), MarketLive announced in a press release that it was launching Omni-Touch POS, a point-of-sale system that works on tablets to enhance employees’ capabilities without having to leave customers’ sides. As the company touted the release as a step toward the “digital store of the future,” MarketLive Founder and CEO Ken Burke emphasized how a store associate armed with an entire store’s inventory and recommendations at a glance is an invaluable resource.

“Shoppers expect on-floor sales associates to be smart about every SKU, to know about every email promotion that has gone out and to be able to handle any transaction without hesitation,” Burke said. “Omni-Touch POS arms the sales associates with an intuitive tablet app to help them deliver a personalized, satisfying experience in store. This technology increases in-store sales and positions our merchant customers to begin delivering the digital ‘store of the future’ experience already today.”

While Burke explained Omni-Touch POS’ robust retailer-facing inventory and store location features, the ability to look up customers’ ordering history on the spot could prove a popular function. A Think with Google study found that 64 percent of customers are more likely to visit stores that offer recommendations specific to them, and if Omni-Touch POS can keep the promises being made about it, in-store employees could be able to leverage conversions without missing a beat in conversations with shoppers.

Though MarketLive may dominate the news on POS systems for today, more developers have thrown their hats into the ring as well. Though its release might give it a head start, the competition in this retail space might make it hard to stay on top of the mountain for very long.

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