Mobile Security Firm Powers Machine Learning To Protect Consumers

Mobile security firm Wandera is taking steps to ensure consumers are protected now more than ever from security vulnerabilities.

As reported by Computing, a U.K. news site, the firm is using automated machine learning to help make that possible, starting with helping those customers be protected against any type of security issue. In an interview, CEO Eldar Tuvey shared why its SmartWire intelligence technology is helping achieve that goal.

"At the heart of the gateway, we have our SmartWire correlation engine, which uses a bunch of different techniques, specifically machine learning," Tuvey said. "We look at code reputation, we plug in malware and phishing databases, we look at URL reputation, the traffic reputation; so we use a bunch of different indicators to correlate all this data," he said, adding that data from the customer is also harnessed.

"We also connect to the company's Enterprise Mobility Management, their management console, which gives us a third stream of data," he added.

Tapping into the true power of machine learning means always being updated on what threats could occur, the CEO said. This means harnessing whatever data is out there. But it also means refining those data techniques to stay ahead of the latest malware threats.

"We have our malware researchers constantly honing the algorithms to detect new threats, existing threats, previous threats," he said in the interview.

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