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PayPal Comes To Blackberry

It’s official: PayPal’s app is now available on all major mobile platform with the announcement this week that it has expanded to the Blackberry operating system.

PayPal announced the expansion on their blog , lauding it as another opportunity to give their customers choice while also providing a uniformly positive payment experiance, no matter what device one is holding.


The New PayPal Interface On BlackBerry















“But no matter what smartphone you’re using, you’re probably looking for an easier and more secure way to shop and pay. The good news is we understand this. That’s why we’re excited today to introduce the PayPal app for BlackBerry in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, with more markets to come in the future. The app is now compatible with the BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z10, and the new BlackBerry Classic smartphone. What’s even cooler? With this announcement you can now use the PayPal app on all major mobile platforms, including Android™, iOS®, Windows® Phone, Fire OS™ and of course BlackBerry.”

The new app will allow PayPal BlackBerry users do things such as quickly send and request money, check balances and see recent activity while on the go.  As with the company’s service on other platforms, the BlackBerry edition will also allow users to locate and redeem offers at participating businesses and check-in to pay at places that accept PayPal.



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