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Samsung Tackles Apple Launch Head On (With Pillows)

Samsung — or at least a marketing firm affiliated with Samsung — took another attempt at ambushing an Apple launch event in London late last week, but the attempt may have fallen short.

A report from the International Business Times details the #NextIsNew campaign that was apparently executed by a marketing firm called Iris — which has Samsung as a client. This campaign included pillows and water bottles showing off that hashtag as part of a promotion.

IBT’s research shows that Iris helped Samsung during London’s Fashion week; Samsung also used that same hashtag in the promotion of its Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ smartphones. But from the looks of the campaign, it didn’t seem to dim the high interest in Apple’s big launch of the day.

But it did at least get that hashtag some press and got the patrons waiting for an iPhone some new Samsung swag. While Samsung hasn’t responded to IBT about the campaign, it’s not the first time the company has taken a dig at Apple. In the past, during a large launch event, Samsung reportedly tossed out the term “iSheep” for those who wait in long lines for the new devices.

And just last week, Samsung’s new commercial about Samsung Pay took a dig at Apple Pay. In that commercial, Samsung is certainly not shy about taking on Apple Pay — going as far as featuring an iPhone attempting to use Apple Pay at a merchant, only to have it rejected.

Set to the tone of Julie Andrew’s “My Favorite Things,” in a more modern, upbeat cover version, Samsung debuted this ad during the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards. In the commercial, Samsung shows off consumers buying their “favorite things” and doing so effortlessly using Samsung Pay.

The music, of course, stops when the iPhone comes in to pay via Apple Pay, but quickly resumes once the Samsung phone moves back into the picture. Samsung also used the commercial to highlight that Samsung Pay has the early backing of major payment networks and issuers.

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