Square’s $Cashtag Makes Payments URL-Specific

Square Cash just got a little more user friendly.

As part of Square Cash’s $Cashtags, the usernames for the service, Square Cash now allows its users to send a payment directly using a $Cashtag — but this time with a specific amount that’s plugged directly into the URL, The Next Web reported.

Square announced this update via Twitter last week (May 7), saying “you can now add a number to the end of any $Cashtag to lock in a dollar amount. And you will. Oh yes you will.”

Square’s Cash payments system allows payments to be sent via the Internet using a customized URL. Instead, you could use Square Cash to connect with others for payments, but now users can actually specify an amount. Its new offering is geared toward business, charities, and individuals who just need to shoot a friend some money they may owe. Square promoted the idea of how a user could donate to a cause using Square Cash with a quick tag at the end of the transaction. To make a payment, Square Cash users still enter their card number, but the the process is said to be seamless from there.

In its example about how the new, specialized $Cashtag service works, Square provided this URL to demonstrate how easy a donation could be to a chairty: cash.me/$RED/5. Using that specified tag would then instantly send $5 to the international organization that’s working to raise money for the fight against AIDS.