US Prosecutors Grill Second JPMorgan Hack Suspect

The JPMorgan hacking investigation has taken on a new twist, as U.S. prosecutors are in talks with a second Florida man tied to the case, Reuters reported Monday (Sept. 14).

The talks with the second man come as prosecutors are in the midst of “similar talks” with a co-defendant, the newswire reported. In a court filing that was disclosed publicly last Friday in a New York City federal court, the document noted that Anthony Murgio, who has been charged with the operation of an unlicensed bitcoin service, was in talks “regarding a possible disposition” of the JPMorgan case. As Reuters noted, that type of language is “typically indicative of plea talks” but added that such discussions can in fact be ended with deferred agreements with prosecutors — or with charges being dropped entirely.

That filing comes two weeks after similar discussions were disclosed about the co-defendant, who was named as Yuri Lebedev.

The U.S. has accused Lebedev and Murgio of running a bitcoin exchange, known as, that was a conduit to fund cyberattacks and other criminal activity. In a separate case, prosecutors have alleged that three men were involved in a penny stock manipulation scheme. Two Israeli nationals were arrested in that case, Gery Shalon and Ziv Orenstein. Another man charged in the scheme, Joshua Samuel Aaron, a U.S. citizen, is at large.

If there is in fact a plea stemming from the case, that could represent a “breakthrough for authorities” in the JPMorgan case, which was marked by information taken from 83 million accounts, most of them belonging to small businesses and households.

[bctt tweet=”If there is in fact a plea stemming from the case, that could represent a “breakthrough for authorities.””]

An unnamed source told Reuters that though the cases may not have made mention of the JPMorgan hack, the two aforementioned filings have come in the wake of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe into the JPMorgan case.

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