FreedomPay Launches EMV/NFC Pay-At-Table Solution

ECommerce platform FreedomPay is promising to make paying bills at restaurants much easier with the launch of its Pay-At-Table solution.

The solution will essentially allow customers to pay using their EMV-enabled cards or through mobile wallets, like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay, right at their table. The company said it plans on first rolling out its solution at locations of the Firebirds Wood Fired Grill this year.

FreedomPay’s move towards providing a pay-at-table solution comes at a time when many restaurant chains are making changes to reduce service delays by ironing out their payment process through user-friendly terminals at their dining tables.

Uno Pizzeria & Grill, which has over 130 locations across the U.S., is yet another restaurant chain that has adapted to smoothen the bill payment process through sleek LED tablets installed at their tables, which allow diners to review and pay their bill without waiting for the server. Some of the other restaurant chains offering this service include Olive Garden, Chili’s and Red Robin.

FreedomPay’s solution, as the company pointed out, eliminates the need for customers to hand over their credit or debit card to the server — a point at which competitor Kiosk’s CEO, Austen Molinder, says is where 60 percent of credit card fraud occurs.

As for POS terminal security, FreedomPay says its solution utilizes PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (PCI P2PE), which is touted as the industry’s highest security standard and even removes the necessity of extensive penetration testing and vulnerability scans of the point-of-sale environment at the merchant location — thereby, saving merchants time, cost and resources.

The Pennsylvania-based company has also partnered with Ingenico to extend its payment gateway to iWL 258 POS terminals.