PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Lyft’s Latest Figures

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Is Lyft prepping for a sale, or perhaps just a big investor?

According to new reports, the ride-hailing company is getting ready to capitalize on investor desire to delve into transports and has been exploring raising additional funding or even selling itself to outside interests. Those reports, unconfirmed by the company, indicate Lyft has been working with investment bank Qatalyst Partners to explore capital raises and a possible sale.

Keeping in line with this news, today’s Daily Data Dive gives insight into the ride-hailing market and Lyft’s growth:

$38 Billion | Investor dollars poured into the transportation sector in the past decade

$5.5 Billion | Lyft’s reported valuation

$2 Billion | Amount Lyft has raised from investors

$1.9 Billion | Lyft’s sales that were tied to bookings in May

$500 Million | Lyft’s latest major funding round in January, which came from GM

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