Twitter Launches Foursquare Location Tags

Twitter And Foursquare Pin Tweets

Twitter might be filled with more spice than nice, but there's no doubt that tweeting has solved the issues of communicating with fellow users no matter where they are. Now, though, Twitter is making it easier to know just where in the world the people making this moment's news are.

Twitter has confirmed to TechCrunch that the platform has partnered with Foursquare to power precision location tagging to select tweets directly in users' timelines. While Twitter had some form of geo-tagging present all along, it was only available for view as a detail to individual tweets themselves. Now, there's an entire dedicated section to location-specific tweets that allows users to see what people are tweeting in any given area at any given time. Also, tagged tweets will include locations directly in the message body itself rather than the passive method that includes the information in a tweet's details.

While the addition of location tagging may not seem like a revolutionary tweak in 2016, TechCrunch did speculate that Twitter could have big plans for its Moments project now that precision location pins are in the mix. Tweets tagged to a particular location — say, inside an arena during a big game — could make them more personal and unique than the average tweet on the subject and therefore more worth reading and tweeting. Followers could key into a specific area during a major news event to see how different parts of a neighborhood are reacting - the list goes on and on.



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