Zoho CRM Unveils Its New Tool – Say Hello to Zia AI

This week, Zoho launched its new AI CRM sales tool, Zia.

The Zoho CRM tool uses artificial intelligence to enhance the sales experience. With this, the company claims it helps find abnormalities, guiding workflows and macros and ultimately helping to pinpoint the best time for salespeople to reach out to new customers. Zoho’s Zia AI helps automate daily tasks to free up salespeople’s time constraints.

In addition to the Zia AI, Zoho has a few new offerings to add to its portfolio. It recently launched another CRM tool that is meant for developing and implementing business processes, called Blueprint. Zoho also enhanced its current Zoho CRM with new features that include scoring rules and the SalesSignals platform in hopes of enhancing sales.

Zoho’s chief evangelist, Raju Vegesna, commented on what the company hopes to accomplish with these new offerings: “Salespeople put work into their CRM. But does the CRM work in return to make it easy for salespeople? Debuting with Zoho CRM, Zia, Zoho’s intelligent assistant, is designed to do exactly that. Zia will contextually suggest ways to automate flows and detect anomalies, based on the sales rep’s CRM usage patterns. Soon Zia will expand her skills to other Zoho apps,” he said.

With these new offerings in the Zoho suite of software tools, the hope is that Zoho will assist in streamlining the sales process  via smart technology.




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