Five At Five: Facebook Adds To Its Marketplace

Home Improvement Services

Welcome to Five at Five, your late look at payments and commerce news you might have missed. Today’s stories focus on Facebook’s enhanced Marketplace and the latest on faster payments in Europe. Additionally, Yelp renews its antitrust complaint against Google, augmented reality might appeal to a specific type of consumer and Neiman Marcus makes an inventory move.

Facebook’s Marketplace Adds Home Services

The social media site’s Marketplace platform is rolling out a new feature designed to make it easier for users to find contractors, carpenters, plumbers and house cleaners. All professionals on the Marketplace, according to Facebook, will be rated and vetted before being able to offer up their services.

SWIFT Deepens Faster Payments Presence Across Europe

Global payments logistics service provider EFiS is broadening its collaboration with payments messaging firm SWIFT to facilitate connection to faster payments networks in Europe.

Yelp Renews Antitrust Complaint Against Google

The online reviews company filed a similar complaint in 2014, stating that Google’s local search tools, such as business listings and reviews from Google Maps, receive top billing in results over links to Yelp and other sources.

Study Finds AR More Useful In Operations Than Sales For Retailers

According to ABI Research, while augmented reality will most likely struggle to become popular among customers in brick-and-mortar stores, it can be extremely useful for online customers who are unable to physically interact with the products they want to purchase.

Neiman Marcus To Boost Visibility Of Inventory For Suppliers

Software provided by Sky IT Group will link Neiman Marcus vendors to data related to sales and inventory, the firm said. The retailer is adopting Sky IT’s SKYPAD Software-as-a-Service solution, which tracks this data and distributes reports to vendors down the supply chain.