Today In Payments: Commercial Real Estate Prices Threaten Bank Losses; Dunkin’ In Talks To Go Private

Today in Payments

In today’s top news, plummeting commercial real estate prices could result in steep loan losses, and Dunkin’ is in talks to be acquired by Inspire Brands. Plus, Skipify and Google partnered to bring shopping features to Gmail.

Falling Commercial Real Estate Prices Threaten Bank Losses

Plummeting commercial real estate prices could cause steep bank losses as people continue to work from home and shop online amid the global pandemic. The current inactivity is similar to other downturns and could signal cause for alarm.

Dunkin’ In Talks To Go Private

Dunkin’ Brands Group, the parent of Dunkin’ — formerly Dunkin’ Donuts — and Baskin-Robbins, has stated on its website that it is negotiating to be acquired by Inspire Brands, a private equity-backed company whose other properties include Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Sonic.

Skipify, Google Partner To Bring Shopping To Gmail

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered payments startup Skipify is partnering with Google to deliver shopping features within the Gmail ecosystem. Gmail users will be able to view products in real time and check out with a shopping cart without leaving the email space.

DoorDash Invests In Restaurant For First Time

Food delivery app DoorDash is working alongside California-based Burma Superstar for a brick-and-mortar restaurant called Burma Bites. The store will be designed for delivery and takeout, boasting menu items from the parent restaurant alongside new items, presented in environmentally-friendly to-go containers.

How Customers Fall Through The Cracks Of Digital Platforms

As digital platforms decide what to do themselves, what to delegate to others and what businesses to fold in, they should make sure their customers get the right answers to two key questions: “Whose customer am I?” and “Who’s taking care of me?” Karen Webster says that even though the right answers should be “You are mine” and “I’ll look out for you,” it’s not always that clear. Here’s why, and what happens when it isn’t.

Bain Capital’s Matt Harris On Why 2020 Is B2B Payments’ Breakout Year

Winners continue to emerge from the pandemic’s disruption. Bain Capital Ventures partner Matt Harris tells Karen Webster that for this year and next, commercial payments will be a good example of the acceleration of that disruption — specifically for B2B payments.

The Pandemic’s Latest Wave Meets The Digital-First Economy

As a new wave of the pandemic hits Europe and the United States, consumers’ new digital habits are about to become more deeply entrenched than ever. Here’s why.