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IBM Sells Off Supply Chain Software

Computer giant IBM may be ramping up its efforts in the B2B space, but the company has reportedly sold off its supply chain management software. Reports announced last week that supply chain Software-as-a-Service provider Llamasoft has acquired IBM’s LogicTools, including the Transportation Analytics and Inventory and Product Flow Analyst apps.

According to Llamasoft, the acquisition means the firm will immediately begin providing SaaS for all LogicTools customers. The takeover is part of the firm’s efforts to boost its B2B SaaS offerings, reports said, as the space continues to see accelerated competition.

“Supply chain modeling is a must-have capability to survive and thrive in rapidly changing global market conditions,” Llamasoft founder, president and CEO Donald Hicks said in a statement.

Despite the divestiture, IBM does not seem to be slowing down its B2B operations. Earlier this year the company revealed the expansion of its recently launched IBM Commerce unit, which provides SaaS with a particular focus in B2B eCommerce.

In separate business ventures, IBM has partnered with Apple to develop dozens of B2B apps and encourage the use of Apple products and IBM tools in the workplace. Last week the companies rolled out the second group of apps as part of their collaboration. The eight programs released last week focus on the health care industry, including Hospital RN, an app that utilizes Apple’s iBeacon technology to provide health care workers with information about a patient when that employee is in the vicinity of a patient’s home. Apple and IBM said they hope to release 100 enterprise apps this year.

IBM did not offer a statement as to why the company divested its supply chain services despite these recent efforts in the B2B space.


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