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New UK Card Lets Fleet Ignore Gas Pump Prices

The U.K. has a new fleet card product on the market, and according to its issuer, it gives fleet managers access to the largest fixed-price fuel network in the nation.

In an announcement Friday (Oct. 23) The Fuelcard People announced its new product, One Fuelcard, which links users to the fixed-price gas market as well as Shell and Esso stations, among other companies.

One Fuelcard will work at more than 4,000 fueling stations, the company said, and offers fixed weekly pricing for gas products, as opposed to forcing companies to pay what current pump prices are. The card does not charge transaction fees, either, the firm said.

“Overall, businesses that sign up for the One Fuelcard from The Fuelcard People will be ensuring that they never pay unnecessary transaction charges ever again, while also securing fixed weekly pricing on both diesel and petrol, meaning they can ignore the pump price,” the company said in its announcement.

[bctt tweet=”Businesses that sign up for the One Fuelcard can ignore the pump price”]

The Fuelcard People added that its new service comes with account manager support, mobile price notifications, automatic purchase invoicing and direct debit payment, as well as online access to card accounts.

According to The Fuelcard People Group Marketing Manager Steve Clarke, the U.K. is a particularly harsh market for fleet managers, considering a recent report that found the U.K. to be the world’s most expensive country for fuel purchases.

“There is no mystery to the U.K.’s embarrassing position,” he said in a statement. “Each nation buys oil on the same global markets, but then imposes its own taxes. The price on our forecourts includes 59 percent for diesel, 61 percent for petrol. Having to pay the highest fuel duty in Europe is crippling our economy and hindering the recovery.”

The company added that taking advantage of fixed gas prices allows businesses to keep fuel costs as low as possible.


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