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SAP Pivots To Small Biz ERP

SAP has a foothold in the major corporate software market, but according to industry experts, its small business enterprise resource planning tool is garnering massive attention these days.

Reports by TechTarget late last week said SAP’s ERP tool for small and medium-sized enterprises, Business One, is the company’s rising star at the moment.

“I would describe Business One as the best kept secret within SAP, even within the organization,” said SAP Senior Vice President and General Manager of SAP Business One Luis Murguia in an interview.

He added that while SAP is known for running something like two-thirds of corporate processes around the globe, “the reality,” he said, “is that Business One is the most successful ERP we have today.”

[bctt tweet=””Business One is the most successful ERP we have today.” — SAP”]

Analysts say this could be due to the fact that software service providers have largely focused on major corporate ERP development.

TechTarget spoke with IDC Vice President and Head of SME Business Research Ray Boggs, who said that SAP has “been shining a grow lamp” on the SME market because “they recognize that the big companies are already into ERP and understand it.”

“Getting new customers is hard because you have to unsell or replace what’s already there,” Boggs added. “But for small and midsize firms, it’s a greenfield opportunity, and you’re not displacing an incumbent, you’re displacing spreadsheets or even something less sophisticated than that. So, it’s a terrific opportunity in that way.”

While exact figures of Business One adoption rates were not published, reports said SAP’s Business One can be ideal for SMEs as they look to expand, largely thanks to its SAP HANA analytics offering, which provides SMEs with a more sophisticated business intelligence tool than smaller options can provide.

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