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TomTom Lends A Telematics Hand To Fleet

Fleet cards are becoming more technologically advanced by the week, and in large part, this can be attributed to the ability for fleet card issuers and technology companies to link a fuel card to telematics, the stream of data flowing from a vehicle that can inform managers where a car is, how much fuel it has and other tiny-yet-critical details.

TomTom is one of the earlier adopters of telematics, and its Big Data unit, TomTom Telematics, is now putting this capability to use for fleet managers in Europe. Reports on Tuesday (Nov. 10) said TomTom Telematics has struck a new partnership with oil giant Shell to provide corporates with a holistic fleet and fuel management tool.

[bctt tweet="TomTom Telematics will now service fleet managers in Europe alongside Shell."]

Their collaboration means corporate users of the euroShell Card can now integrate the data from those commercial cards onto the fleet management platform WEBFLEET, run by TomTom Telematics. According to the companies, it’s a way for fleet managers to get all of their information about their vehicles, drivers and associated spending on a single portal.

Analysis published earlier this year by Fleetmatics found that telematics can save fleet managers and their corporations billions of dollars every year by leading to reductions in fuel spend and other costs.

According to TomTom Telematics Managing Director Thomas Schmidt, the partnership leads to greater fuel efficiency and cost savings and “fits well with the expectations of Shell customers.”

“Furthermore,” he added in a statement, “the integration of euroShell Cards' fuel data within WEBFLEET provides a more complete picture for fleet managers, enabling them to optimize and manage all aspects of fuel efficiency.”

According to Shell Commercial Fleet General Manager of Business Development Parminder Kohli, while fuel management is key for fleet professionals, telematics provided by TomTom are also key to identifying areas for improving spend and efficiency.

Shell has been building up its corporate services as of late. Last week the company rolled out new benefits for fleet managers in Canada using the Fleet Navigator card, linking its corporate clients to vehicle safety and maintenance services.

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