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Anybill, Intacct Align Accounts Payable Data


Accounts payable solution Anybill is getting closer to existing partner Intacct in an effort to streamline the flow of financial data between the two platforms.

An announcement on Tuesday (March 22) said Anybill has extended its venture with Intacct, which provides ERP software. Both cloud-based solutions will now integrate into each other, allowing information between both platforms to move back and forth.

“Intacct has always believed that a company’s core financial system must be able to receive information from your other business systems and processes,” said Intacct VP of Business Development Scott Lumish in a statement.

He added that facilitating the receipt of data from Anybill’s AP solution means clients of both firms can “more easily eliminate inefficiencies and drive increased automation into their back-office processes.”

Their collaboration will support Anybill Connect 360, the firm’s solution to support interaction with Intacct. The companies said data that can be transferred includes information on payments, invoices and digital files, like check images.

“Many of our clients are also Intacct customers, so we wanted to integrate the two systems to provide a completely seamless experience for the end user,” said Anybill Chief Technology Officer Manny Siddiqui in another statement. “The combination of Anybill and Intacct creates great value for organizations that use our solutions, both current clients and prospective ones.”


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